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Why Generate a Strong Random Password?

One of the most common ways websites get hacked is due to reused and weak passwords. Generating strong passwords and new passwords for every site you need them for is extremely important for your security.

We're sure you've seen the news about data breaches. Data breaches happen on a regular basis, the stories you don't hear about are the ones that happen but are never disclosed to the public. Obviously a data breach isn't something business cheerfuly release and many remain unknown until sensitive information is released online.

If you haven't already it's a good idea to check out Have I Been Pwned a website that collects data breach information and scans the lists for your email to identify if your email was included in a breach. If you do find your information listed (and you would be surprised how often it will be) be sure to update your password on that site immediately to something you don't use anywhere else.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Passwords?

It is a pain to manually keep track of your passwords when you are using a new password for every site. That's why WpSafeScan recommends you use a password management tool or Password Vault such as Keepass (FREE) or Bitwarden (FREE).

Are there other Random Password Generators?

Absolutely, check out some of these popular Password Generators:

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