5 Places Where You’d Never Expect to Get Hacked

Everything’s connected.  The majority of electronics are now creating a huge web called the Internet Of things.

There’s an app for just about any device now.

With the popularity rising, manufacturers aren’t keeping up with security.

That new TV you bought two years ago, well the firmware (the software that runs the television) is not being maintained by the manufacturer anymore.

There’s no weekly update and once that stops and a vulnerability is found it leaves a giant security hole.

Don’t think it’s a big deal?  Here’s what Mcafee has to say. That article is two years old, and things have not improved.

Article Excerpt: For every gleaming new IoT device that hits the market, a hacker somewhere is figuring out how to compromise it.

Today, even routine activities can land you in the sights of a bad actor.

Imagine what a bad day could look like in these days of ubiquitous connectivity… it’d play like some dystopian grindhouse film.

What an appropriate way to head into Halloween and conclude Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

If you’re ready for a good cyber-scare, let’s look at five real-life scenarios where you’d never expect to get hacked — but just might.

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