Malware Report: September 2020 Summary

Every month Sucuri releases a report from the data collected by their Site scanning tool.

In September 2020 over 17Million sites were scanned using the tool with 178k site infections identified by their scanner.

Which means approximately 1% of the sites scanned contained malware.

Out of those 178k sites 39% had been identified as having SEO Spam injected, which mostly was Pharmaceutical related.

Another interesting data-point was over 2.7M sites contained an outdated CMS, Theme, Plugin or Server Software (such as Apache, Nginx).

That’s why we always recommend you keep your CMS, Themes and Plugins up to date to help defend against outdated software.

Be sure to check your site with our Free WordPress Theme, Plugin and Security Scanner.

Article Excerpt: Our free SiteCheck tool helps website owners remotely scan their website to detect malware infections, blacklisting status, website errors, and other anomalies.

Scanning a website’s external HTML source code provides immediate results, without the need to install any software or applications to identify threats.

In September alone, a total of 17,138,086 website scans were performed using SiteCheck.

Of those scans, 178,299 infected sites were detected. 

While not as comprehensive as server-side scanners, users are able to instantly identify malicious code, find outdated software and plugins, and detect website security issues.

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