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Website Appears to be running Wordpress v5.8.1

Domain & CMS

Όλες οι ειδήσεις από την Ελλάδα και τον κόσμο

Wordpress v5.8.1

Global Site Rank: 43,011 [details]

Theme Details

Enikos - Undetected Version

Author: Unknown

Plugin Details

Contact Form 7
Detected: v5.4.2

Latest: v5.5.3

Rating: 82/100 #Ratings: 1,930

URL: Link To Plugin

AddToAny Share Buttons
Detected: v1.15

Latest: v1.8.3

Rating: 94/100 #Ratings: 999

URL: Link To Plugin

Responsive Lightbox

Latest: v1.3.4

Rating: 94/100 #Ratings: 36

URL: Link To Plugin


Latest: v7.4

Rating: 90/100 #Ratings: 19

Website Diagnostics

Plugins Detected: 4

SSL Check: Not Default [Cert Details]

Google Blacklist: [details]

PageSpeed: [details]

Website Security Recommendations

Total Security Issues Found: 2
Update Wordpress - How To Update

Update The Following Plugins
Contact Form 7 [update]

Run the following Security checks on

Malcare SiteScan | Sucuri Site Check (Malware Scan) | Virustotal Security & Blacklist Check

Hosting Information

Hosted @ Cloudflare Firewall


IP Address: [reverse lookup]

Potential Website Improvements

Grammatical Errors on site

During our scan we noticed several grammatical errors on your website. We highly recommend Grammarly to correct grammar mistakes before publishing.

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